Sponsor since 31-05-2019

Restaurant De Meesterproef in Nijmegen used to be a manufacturing plant for food additives also known as E numbers. There you can now enjoy traditional food and drinks, prepared and served with passion in an industrial atmosphere. They have a selection of wines to complement your lunch or dinner and local specialty beers that also perfectly match the full flavors they serve.

You can find De Meesterproef at the Honig Complex in Nijmegen. And additional bonus - they have a rooftop terrace that overlooks the river Waal giving you stunning views and sunsets

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Special for eating out and drinking in Nijmegen. They love traditional and forgotten cooking techniques such as brining, waking, smoking and preserving. They opt for local products when possible. They do not only like that, but also feel it is important to do. According to us, these old techniques and carefully selected ingredients provide exceptional and beautiful dishes that you will love!

De Meesterproef has offered to cater for our Pre-Rally meet-up with other Mongol Rally teams and veterans. This will take place on the 23rd of June and we look forward to seeing old and new faces! It's going to be an amazing afternoon full of fantastic stories and memories. We really appreciate the fact that De Meesterproef are willing to facilitate this. Many thanks to this legandary restaurant!

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