Published on 12-05-2019

Are you wondering what our route exactly is going to be?

Are you interested in which countries we will be going through

Would you like to see Bas at his best with route drawing?

Would you like to hear Saskia comment on Bas' his excellent navigational skillz?

Would you like to waste at least 8 minutes of your life watching this video

If you have answered yes to all of the above, we wish you a lot of fun with this far too long a video. It took ages to make and even longer to edit and make vaguely interesting for our followers and fans.

You mean the world to us, you know that!

Without you we would not have come this far

Have fun with this amazing movie

Please note that the route may change due to unforeseen circumstances like civil war, famine, natural disasters, oversleeping, an amazing electronic music festival in Moynaq or border troubles !