Published on 22-05-2019

Due to our current visa issues we have decided to change our route slightly.

We will no longer travel through Belarus to Moscow as this will require another visa. Our passports are currently in transit awaiting approval from the Mongolian Embassy and we are in a bit of a discussion with the travel agencies who were managing our application. This is taking more time than we anticipated and we don't want to risk having too little time for our Russian visa application.

Our new route will pass through Ukraine (Україна) - winner of the Eurovision Songcontest 2016 and host of UEFA EURO 2012! Ukraine is visa free due to the Schengen agreement and thus exempts us from visa enquiries and hastle prior to entering the country.

Sorry to say we chose ease over hastle this time. With 2 more visas to go we are almost set for the race!


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