Published on 6-06-2019

A bed for Pablo has been planned, drawn, bought, made and built in.

Now for phase 2 - the testing! How does the bed sleep? How much room does it actually leave for other stuff? What should we take and what should we leave at home? What is of vital importance and what is just a nice to have?

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All these questions were to be answered during a quick trip to Lake Garda in Italy. It would be very short. Driving there on Thursday after work and driving back on Sunday morning. Just in time for an early start on Monday morning.

About 2200KM in 3 days.

Should not be hard and will give us ample time and training for the long haul up ahead!

Here are some snapshots of Pablo on the way there and in Malcesine!


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If you are interested in how it all went? The short recap below shows our flash visit to Italy and back!

Please note the video has been banned in Australia, New Zealand and Japan by Youtube due to alledged music rights. The music that WMG thinks it is, it is not! But we are interested if you feel you can hear Copyrighted content: Glitterbox - A Disco Hï (Continuous Mix 1) - Feel free to let us know. It is ofcourse Tensnake - Coma Cat (Radio Edit) but who is actually checking anyway ...?

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